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Questions and answer regarding finance

Q – Is the interest rate variable or fixed?

Ans - The interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan when you apply for a secured loan in asset finance. 

Q – What is the maximum year I can apply for a car loan or asset finance?

Ans - The maximum year you could apply for is 7 years for a consumer loan. 

Q – Can I make extra repayments without being penalised?

Ans - Yes you can. Talk to one of our finance consultants for more information regarding extra repayments.

Q – Could you help us find the car we want?

Ans - We sure can, we also offer a car finding solution available Australia wide for free!

Q – I have paid and unpaid defaults on my credit history. Will that be an issue applying for a car loan?

Ans - No issue at all. We have access to lenders on our panel who offer competitive rates for applicants with defaults.

Q – How old do I need to be to apply for a loan?

Ans - Applicant must be 18 years of age to apply.

Q – If I have been discharged from bankruptcy, could I still apply for a loan?

Ans - Yes you can. Speak with our finance consultant for more information.

Q – Would I still be able to apply for a loan if I’m self-employed?

Ans - Yes you can. We have a special loan product for self-employed applicants.

Q – How long Is the approval process?

Ans - Our quick process usually gets our customers approved within 3 hours.

Q – Would I need to place a deposit for an approval?

Ans - Generally, no deposit is required. Applicant can borrow up to 150% of the vehicle to finance any  extras, insurance and on road costs.

Q – What are the benefits of dealing with a broker than an actual bank?

Ans - With multiple lenders on our panel, we have access to the big banks to the non-conforming lenders. This means more options to find you the best deal and loan product that will suit your profile. Once we have received your supporting documents, we will take care of the rest and keep you informed throughout the process from start to settlement.

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